Two Books Together

Published 17 years, 7 months past

Last Thursday, I came down from the office to discover a stack of five boxes on the front porch.  Three were for Kat, who is one of those annoying people who plans way ahead for Christmas, and two others were my author copies of CSS Web Site Design (formerly “CSS Hands-On Training”).  This is a title I did for, and published by Peachpit, and it’s most tersely described as “Eric Meyer on CSS, but for beginners”.  It’s also the hard-copy version of the video training title “CSS Site Design“, and includes all the videos and exercise files from the video title on a CD-ROM bundled with the book.

After I’d hauled all that into the front hallway, I grabbed my car keys and headed out the back door to run my errand.  At which point I nearly fell over two more boxes, these containing my author copies of the third edition of CSS: The Definitive Guide from O’Reilly.  This is of course an update of the second edition, which contains some updates based on the latest version of CSS 2.1, expanded selector coverage, updated compatibility notes taking IE7’s improvements into account, and corrected errata from the previous edition.  It’s not a major update compared to the second edition, admittedly, but if you don’t already own the second edition, it’s well worth acquiring (if I do say so myself).

It’s a bit funny that both sets of books arrived on my doorstep the exact same day, considering that the two projects started out well separated, and gradually synched up.  At first I was going to write one and then the other, but various complications set in and they started to interweave.  I finished their final reviews with a whole lot of overlap—that was a fun couple of weeks—and now, the waves have fully amplified.

What really cracked me up was that the next day, I got packages from both Peachpit and O’Reilly, each containing a single copy of the respective books, and each containing a note along the lines of “Here’s your advance copy; the rest should arrive in a few weeks!”.

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  1. CSS Web Site Design Hands-On Training:

    Shipment to Germany/Hessen/60437: UPS – Worldwide Expedited – $73.41

    WTF!? That’s just absurd. :-(

  2. Genius. Third edition of The Definitive, sweet. Off to my Safari Bookshelf to refresh.

  3. I am currently going through your videos course and I noticed that in the colors related chapter there’s no mention of Firefox specific extensions for color picking…

    Did you see ColorZilla firefox extension?


  4. I just got my hands on the CD’s last week and even though I am a bit of an old hand at CSS I found them very useful. Especially the one on specificity! It was the next best thing to actually having you in the room. Thanks for taking the time to make the CD’s…

    I did however wish you’d gone a bit more into how to incorporate print styles in a single stylesheet whoe media attribute is set to all… I’m still unclear as to how that’s done and really don’t have an idea of where to start to look for that…

  5. i was just wondering if your last name is really meyer and if so are we related?oh yeah thats weird because my uncles name is eric meyer

  6. hmm… have to buy the third edition! do you sell them in switzerland?

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