Getting To the Other Part of SXSWi

Published 17 years, 3 months past

Something for you 2007 SXSW Interactive attendees: if you need to get to the rooms-in-exile (8, 9, and 10), you can skip the line for the elevator.  Here’s how:

  1. Get yourself to the ground floor.
  2. Walk past the Lego®-infested play area and the fruit smoothie stand into the deserted hallway on the west side of the center, along Trinity Street.
  3. Keep walking.  Just about the time you become convinced that you’ve gone entirely the wrong way, there will be an escalator.  Take it up.
  4. And there you are.  There will be a badge checkpoint, although quite possibly one without a badge checker.  There wasn’t one at 9:55am this morning.

When you leave said rooms, you can go back by the same escalator or use the staircase near the elevators.  I’d recommend using the stairs to come up, except they’re locked to entry from the ground floor and I haven’t gotten my hands on any duct tape yet.  Ten community karma points to the person who hacks around this problem as well, though they’re a little bit harder to spot than the escalator.  Pass it on.

Comments (3)

  1. Like other handy bits of info about SXSW’07 I found this too late. Though it was well worth taking the crowded lift for the Accessified talk and to have a quick chat with Ian Lloyd.

  2. You can go back by the same escalator? That’s cool; I’ve never seen an escalator that goes up and down!

  3. Was it made of glass?

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