Thanks Be To Jobs

Published 16 years, 11 months past

The big day is finally here.  It’s a day for which so many of us have impatiently waited for so long, almost writhing in anguish as we were denied all but the smallest glimpses of the object of our desires.  It is a day that will demonstrate as never before the possibilities inherent when the relentless march of technological progress is matched with a singular vision and a dedicated team of world-class technoartists.  It is the day that is, in many ways, the culmination of all the magic and wonder that Steve Jobs has brought to the world over the past two decades.

That’s right: Ratatouille opens today.

Oh yeah, and there’s some new cell phone coming out.

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  1. I laughed out loud! Thanks.

    I thought I was the only one.

  2. …Great laugh to start the day. I’m like Mike, I guess.

  3. I laughed, then continued watching a downloaded copy or Ratatouille on my iPhone. Life is good.

  4. Nice one. Great start to a Friday morning.

    Heard a very positive review of Ratatouille on NPR earlier… the previews hadn’t grabbed me but one should generally give Brad Bird the benefit of the doubt.

    Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines: “Ratatouille Filmgoer Bludgeons Fellow Patron For Playing With iPhone During Entire Film”

    Oh, and Eric, I just blogged a list of possible nerdcore band names and I bet you could add some doozies…

  5. Hahaha….good one Eric!

    One of the UK newspapers today gave a price quote of approximately 1500 pounds for the iPhone (about 3000 U.S. dollars!)

    Yeah, still worth it…right?! ;)

  6. A fried of mine works for Pixar (he did the water in Nemo). He promised that Ratatouille is the best one they have done yet…

  7. Ni-i-i-i-i-ice…

  8. *big grin*

    Thanks, this post made my day. :D

  9. replyi g with some new cellpho e. Wish it didn’t keep mistaki g bottom row letters for the space bar as theword correcting feature seems to rely on word boundaries.

    Getting the hang of it now though. Oh, and no I didn’t buy one. Just went to watch the line, and since it tur ed out pretty short… :)

  10. Excellent.

  11. You hit the nail right on the head. That little rat has been the talk of my house the last few weeks. Everywhere we go that poster is plastered up and the kids are going crazy waiting to see the movie. My weekend is being planned around $5 popcorn not some $500 phone that has no buttons.

  12. LOL!

  13. I’m not sure: should I laugh or should I cry?… :)

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  15. I had a chance to see a sneak preview at our local cineplex and this movie once again sets the bar for CG animated feature films and establishes the geniuses at Pixar and particularly director Brad Bird as not just cutting edge technicians and animators but true artists! You”ll see it time and time again in this movie, not in the big splashy scenes, but the small, subtle, almost invisible elements.

    For example – and this is not a spoiler – there is a brief part of a scene where the lead character escapes his human captor but thinks twice and returns. As the rat approaches from under a dark walkway, you see this dark scurrying shape with glowing beady eyes, who then enters the street light and reveals his big, sympathetic eyes and cartoonish features. At that moment, you”re hooked and you don”t even realize it! This movie is filled with that kind of brilliant cinematic craftsmanship!

    If at all possible see this at a theater with the new DLP projection technology to get the best visual experience. There”s no way film can do justice to the colors, textures and the movement of the characters.

    The thing that tops it off – the cherry on the top of the perfect chocolate parfait – if you had any doubts after viewing this movie, stay to the very end of the credits – sorry no blooper reel – where you read a clever notice stating that:

    “Our Quality Assurance Guarantee:
    100% Genuine Animation!
    No motion capture or any other
    performance shortcuts were used in
    the production of this film.”

    This movie made my Top 10 – hell, Top 5 Movies of all time list the minute I read that!

    If this movie isn’t nominated for a “Best Picture” Academy Award – not just best animated film – then it’s time to put the that institution to rest.

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