‘Off By One’ On 2 July

Published 16 years, 10 months past

For them what might be interested, this Monday (July 2nd) I’ll be the guest on Off By One, a half-hour technology radio show originating from the studios of WCSB in sunny downtown Cleveland and is available on iTunes as well as via the station’s streaming audio.  Locals can, of course, catch it at 89.3 MHz on their FM dials.  The show starts at 12:30pm EDT and runs a half-hour, so it will be, y’know, off by 1:00pm.  (Hee hee!)

This will be my first time on the air since Your Father’s Oldsmobile ended back in 2005 (unless you count my talk radio call-in earlier this month), and the first time I’ve done a live on-air chat about my professional work and life in about seven years.  Bart, the show’s host, and I haven’t discussed any specific topics to be covered, so if you’ve ever wanted to find out what I’m like in an almost totally unrehearsed environment, well, now’s your chance.  I’m looking forward to it.

Update [4 Jul 07]: a recording of the show is available via the “Off By One” weblog.  Apparently I say “fractional update” a lot.

Comments (4)

  1. Fun stuff. I wish you had said ‘fractional updates’ a few more times. ;)

  2. Caught most of the show on my lunch, you were dead on about the disconnect of the tech community here (Cleveland).

    Hopefully things will change a bit if the Meetup group has some success and AEA makes it here in the near future (Meetup members get free passes right?)

  3. Great interview, Eric. I agree with Brendan, bringing AEA to Cleveland would really help to put a spotlight on our tech community and the city as a whole. I also second his call for free passes. ;)

  4. Seriously, though… I forget sometimes what a bubble we web makers live in – and that most of the world has no idea what css is, or how web standards work, why they are good, etc. It’s so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of what we do and forget that even the basics are totally opaque to many.

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