Two Weeks

Published 10 years, 7 months past

We’re now a full two weeks into Rebecca’s proton therapy and, possibly due to the near-total resection of her tumor and definitely due to the specific chemotherapy regimen she’s using, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that anything is or ever was wrong with her.  Her energy and spirit continue to burn as bright as ever.  She jumps and cavorts and storms like any child of her age and temperament.  Sometimes, it’s very hard to believe that all these things are actually necessary.

Updates have been more sparse of late in part because of the ceaseless parade of specialist appointments and other demands on our time, but also because we realized our eldest daughter is reading what I write, and that’s something I have to take into consideration.  Our family may be split between two cities, but we are still a family, and the balancing act of being a family continues, as it must.

Tomorrow Team Becca is going to be a very strong presence at the 2013 Northeast Ohio CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer.  If you’ve contributed to the team, thank you so much; we really, really appreciate the overwhelming support.  If you’d still like to donate or join us, please do!  We’re close to 40 team members and $10,000 raised, and crossing either of those thresholds would be fantastic.

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  1. We’ve crossed both those goals now; 42 walkers, $10,551 raised. People have been amazingly generous.

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    […] Rebecca’s Cancer Walk was this Saturday, and the cape was the big hit of the show.  Rebecca found it to be the most awesome toy ever – we wrapped her sister in it, played tug-of-war all over the park, and spent a lot of time hiding in and under it.  If you didn’t know Rebecca had a potentially lethal brain tumor, you would have found it hard to believe she was this sick. […]

  3. any update?

  4. Kat and family,
    I love hearing the report of Becca being so resilient and that the treatment sounds like it is going well. I have you all in my prayers daily.

    Sandy Esber

  5. I have only just found out about this. I am grateful to you for posting these updates as for many people dealing with illnesses like these is entirely private. Sharing is immensely helpful for others who are going through similar challenges.
    It is great to hear of the wonderful care you daughter is receiving. She sounds like a very brave young woman. I wish you all the very best as you all move forward with this.

  6. Eric and Kathryn,
    I just read the link Eric tweeted to me a few days ago. I’m so sorry for the journey you and your daughter are being forced to progress through. I can only hope, and pray, with you that the current medical technology will return very pretty daughter to good health and a long life.

    Our children are so important and bring us so much joy. I know that Rebecca brings you joy today when she smiles or just is. She is a brave young girl… may she make a complete recovery. May you be strong as you keep her spirits strong. Best to all three of you. -Ric

  7. God bless you and your family, Eric. I think of you often, always praying that Rebecca’s recovery is full and complete. I think, one day, Eric and his family and all of us friends will look back at these anxious and tiring days you all are living as just a faint memory; and Rebecca will be a beautiful grown woman with perfect health.

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