A St. Baldrick’s Appeal From Carolyn

Published 10 years, 3 months past

I’m turning this post over to my eldest daughter, Carolyn, who has a favor to ask of you.

My name is Carolyn Maxwell Meyer and I would like to tell you about something going on in my life, and about my sister, Rebecca.  My sister Rebecca is 5 years old and loves to play with our little brother Joshua who is 3 years old.  We all like to sing, dance, and play with friends, but we do not live a normal life, because Rebecca is undergoing treatment for a rare brain cancer called anaplastic astrocytoma.

To help Rebecca and all the other children with cancer, I’m raising money for childhood cancer research during the St. Baldrick’s Shave-A-Thon.  I’m captaining my Elementary School team, Roxboro Cares, and shaving all my hair off my head to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Did you know that kids’ cancers are very different from adult cancers?  And childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded?  So I decided to do something about it by participation in the St. Baldricks Shave-A-Thon.

Now I need your help.  Will you please make a donation?  Every dollar makes a difference for thousands and thousands of children, including my sister.  All infants, toddlers, school aged, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers need your help.

Having a sister with cancer sometimes makes me feel like I’m alone in a dark room and no one will come and get me out.  Please donate to help raise money so other sisters never have to feel this way.

If you can help support Carolyn’s efforts, either by donating to her directly or to the Roxboro Cares team, we would all be most grateful — almost as proud as we are of Carolyn.

Comments (8)

  1. Thank you, Carolyn and Eric for making us aware of this. We’re in.

  2. Thank you, Doug, from all of us to all of you. Good to hear from you again.

  3. You’re very welcome. Carolyn is doing a wonderful thing well. It’s a privilege to be involved.

    Always good to hear from you.

  4. Happy to help, good luck!

  5. Thank you, Brent!

  6. Just checking in. You’re really close, Carolyn!

    I take it the picture on Carolyn’s page is her and Rebecca. Eric, your children are beautiful. At least two of them, anyway.

  7. Yep, Doug, that’s the two of them. If you’re on Flickr, hit me up with a follow request and I’ll add you back so I can smother you in cute kid photos. I think our time served together on the DiA boards is good for at least that much…

  8. I know you don’t need anyone to affirm this, but you have very, very good reason to be proud of your daughters and son. Your work has always inspired me, but now your family has shown me something truly amazing.

    Much strength and courage to all of you, and congratulate Carolyn on passing her goal, it’s an impressive feat.

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