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When I woke up this morning my girlfriend asked me, “Did you sleep well?” I said, “No, I made a few mistakes.”
—Steven Wright

The link I posted to the CSS mastergrid now redirects to a registration page (apparently DDJ thinks you need to register with them to have to dig for a resource that isn’t as useful as it was before they got hold of it), so I’ve removed the link from the archive.

Also, I forgot to mention that part 2 of the interview with Mike Davidson of ESPN was posted last Friday.  It gets into the nuts and bolts of redesign a bit, and Mike tosses out some strong opinions on CSS and validation, among other things.

I think I’m the last to find out about this, but BlogShares is kind of interesting.  This site is listed on the exchange, which surprised me no end, and while it isn’t doing as well as scottandrew.com (which is where I found out about all this) I’m amused that there are already people who “bought” shares of meyerweb.com.  If nothing else, it’s an interesting tool to see who’s linking to this site, and I like the overall presentation a little better than Technorati‘s design.

Speaking of which, I went off on an egorati hunt (a term I first heard Tantek use) and found wherearemylegs, which looks a bit familiar.  Cool!  I’m always interested to see how other people adapt my design ideas to their own needs.

Since I was up way too early this morning anyway, I decided to rework some of the Raging Platypus‘ buttons in CSS-styled text.  So you can steal these buttons, too.  The work isn’t an exact copy, nor does it cover everything the Plat created.  That wasn’t really the point.  Oh, and I also threw in a recreation of Dave Winer‘s “XML” button.

I’m wondering if “platypus” is particularly hard to type in general, or if it’s a special challenge to me today because I’m so tired.  Given that it took me four tries to get “challenge” spelled correctly in the previous sentence, I’m thinking it’s the fatigue.  I’m also using annoying sentence construction, like starting out clauses with “I’m wondering” and “I’m thinking.”  As if I remain frozen in those states until you come read this entry.  By the time you get here, I’ll have moved on to something else.  And yet, it makes things sound more personal, doesn’t it?

Yep.  Definitely fatigue.

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