Tentacle Alert

Published 21 years, 2 months past

Holy cow, there’s some cool stuff over at Squidfingers.  One of his offered patterns may well find its way into the next redesign of this here site.  And, if you’ll notice, the pages are very structural markup that’s laid out with CSS.  No layout tables for our cephalopodic pal!

(Last week, while watching a video on octopi, it occurred to me to wonder if scientists who study octopi and squid tentacles are called cephalopodiatrists.  Do cephalopods ever get tenticular cancer?  And is it illegal in Georgia to cuttlefish?  Even stuffed ones?  Even if the stuffing is a really nice Gulf shrimp stuffing?)

I’m currently reading a book called Conspiracy, which is actually an exploration of people’s readiness to believe in conspiracy theories and the roots of such theories.  For a couple of days, though, I couldn’t find the book anywhere in the house.  I began to wonder if it had been stolen by the Illuminati or something, but then it turned up on Kat’s desk.  Very suspicious.  Maybe she’s actually an agent of the Illuminati, keeping an eye on me to ensure that I don’t uncover the real truth.  Yeah, that seems reasonable.  I’ll need to look into making some tin hats to block out their mind-control rays.

The book I read before Conspiracy was James Gleick’s Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything.  Ironically, it took me almost a month to finish.

As I was working on something late last night, FX showed a program called “UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever (Caught On Tape) 2.”  Leaving the odd punctuation aside, how is it that there was more than one of these shows?  I mean, once you’ve shown the Best Evidence Ever, then shouldn’t the next show be called something like “The Next-Best Evidence Ever?”  Then I saw Denis Leary doing a Quaker State commercial, which seemed really sad somehow.  That was immediately followed by a double shot (sorry) of ads for a “natural male enhancement” product.  As if I don’t get enough of that kind of spam in my Inbox—now I’m getting it on TV as well.  So when do we get mainstream-media spam for breast enhancement products?  It would only be fair.

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