Disc Slippage

Published 20 years, 10 months past

I have in my possession the separation package AOLTW is offering me.  It came in one of those paper-cardboard navy blue Oxford pocket folders I used to store all my class notes back in junior high school, at least for the classes that didn’t require a lot of note-taking.  Like art class.  There isn’t a whole lot to these agreements.  I go that way, they go another way, they help tide over the transition period, I agree to certain things, blah blah blah.  This is actually new to me, as it’s the first time I’ve left a position without resigning.

Anyway, the point is that when I pulled out the documents, I discovered something else in the folder. A closeup picture of an AOL 8.0 CS sitting on top of the first pages of Eric's separation agreement.  A little bonus parting gift from a former employer, as it were.  Just their way of saying thanks for all the work I’d done over the past couple of years.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Ah irony, thou cruel and playful mistress.  Why do I love thee so?

You’d think they could have sent along a bunch of them for me to use.  Like, six or maybe eight of them.  You know?

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