Published 20 years, 10 months past

Note: e-mail delivery has resumed. Yay!  Now I can go back to deleting mountains of spam.  If you were holding off sending me mail, there’s no reason to wait any longer.

Kat and I were driving to the other side of town today when we passed a car with the license plate “IB COOL.”  My immediate reaction was: “If you have a vanity plate stating ‘IB COOL,’ I can just about guarantee that you aren’t.  At all.”  Then we noticed this plate was affixed to a Buick Reatta.  I smugly rested my case.

The whole thing put me in mind of another recent license-plate incident.  A few days ago, I spotted a car with the plate “ZARGON.”  The plate bracket stated “Lord Zargon” across the top, and “Terror is my business” across the bottom.  I thought to myself, That takes some guts.

I don’t know what it is with me and license plates.  Sometimes they even make me see colors.  You’d think I’d have more important things to do on the road than look at license plates, like maybe watch out for other cars or traffic signals.  It seems almost like I’m stalking through traffic on a hunt for a license plate unlike any I’ve ever seen, something new and fascinating and life-altering.  I don’t know what that looks like, I can’t know until I see it, and then I’ll know.  It’s like license-plate hunting is in my blood, where I can’t get it out and I can’t resist the call.

In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t own a magnetic harpoon system.  Yet.

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