Round and Round

Published 20 years, 10 months past

The second Complex Spiral article is now on-line: “Rounding Tab Corners.”  The scheduling of this article was dictated by a promise I made at Seybold last week during the “CSS For Navigation” talk.  I’d been planning to write it later on, but due to interest in the audience I decided to move up publication.

A few days back I badgered you, as you may recall; now, thanks to Jeffrey, I am here to bring you the joys of Histology-World and its Relentless Flash Splash Screen, which is the whole point of linking to it.  By the end of the intro, as you’re redirected to the site’s home page, you may well ask yourself, as I did: “What the hell is histology?”  The site is fairly adamant about not admitting to anything, so I looked it up.  I think I can say with absolute confidence that if there’s one subject that really cries out for a lengthy, overblown Flash intro, histology most definitely isn’t it.

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