Gotham Goodness

Published 20 years, 6 months past

Thanks to friends and family, we had a great weekend in New York City.  There was barely enough time to breathe between each visit, but seeing everyone was a great way to recharge ourselves and remember all the things for which we are thankful.  Adam Greenfield and Kat Meyer help Carrie decorate the Zeldmans' Christmas tree.  It was also rather surreal to watch Adam Greenfield (whose picture I’d seen on not too long ago), his wife, and my wife help Carrie decorate the Zeldmans’ Christmas tree.

Not as surreal as seeing the first part of The Two Towers played at one-eighth speed, mind you.

Back at the beginning of the year, Jeffrey proclaimed that every author wishes he (or she) were not writing a book, and I said I generally felt differently, that when a book was underway I was glad to be writing.  Now I understand his pain.  Until now, I was writing on weekends for the most part, with a nice long writing schedule, and had a full-time job to keep my brain doing other stuff during the week.  Now writing and working are all mixed up together, and in a valiant effort to finish primary writing by the end of this year, I’m working on two books simultaneously.  This means I spend at least a few hours of every day writing, and still put in a lot of writing on weekends.  It’s really wearing me down, and I have every intention of taking a nice long break from book writing come 2004.  I’ll get back to articles, I hope, but I expect that books will go to the back burner for at least six months.  Well, except maybe for one that I’m thinking about co-authoring.  But other than that, nothing else, I swear!

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