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Published 18 years, 5 months past

A followup to my previous post: thanks to the nearly impossible to find Character Palette (and thanks to Todd Dominey for instructions on how to enable and use it), I was able to determine the problem and restore my editing pencils.  It turns out that a beta copy of the font “Freight” was what caused the problem.  This beta copy of Freight was for some reason convinced that Unicode 9999 is the reference to a Z-caron instead of a pencil symbol.  It didn’t do this for 9998 or 10000.  Just 9999.

So I removed “beta Freight”, and the pencils returned.  Thanks to everyone who helped me out!

Update: there’s more to the story, namely that the copy of Freight in question was a beta, and not the final release, and the final release doesn’t have the problem that bit me.  I’ve edited this post to reflect that fact.

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  1. There is no room for an other icon in my menu bar :-)

    So, if found a little Apple-Skript to directly open the character palette here:

    Open Skript Editor, paste the following and save in your Applications/Apple-Skript – Folder:

    set charpalettelocstring to "/System/Library/Components/CharacterPalette.component/Contents/SharedSupport/"
    do shell script charpalettelocstring & space & "> /dev/null 2>&1 &"

    Works at on 10.3/4

  2. A bit late, but to discover what font is that show the “Z”, one can simply copy it from Safari to another Cocoa app, then hit Command-T.

  3. I think you should edit your post at least 3 more times to remove any hint of animousity towards the Freight author ;)

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