AEA Atlanta Registration Open

Published 18 years, 3 months past

Registration for AEA Atlanta is now open, so y’all sign up and come see us, y’hear?  It’ll be both a hoot and a holler.  Shoot, we can all have a Coke together.

Just make sure to sign up before March 3rd, unless you want to miss out on the $50 early bird discount.  If you need to exert a little pressure on your boss to cough up the funds, AEA Philadelphia sold out about two weeks before the early bird deadline.

Just sayin’.

Comments (3)

  1. Plus, don’t forget: Students registering with a group of 5 or more from a school can get a $100 discount, too!!

  2. Cool, but I think I’m gonna hold out for Seattle. It’s a bit more in my neighborhood, geographically and for travel price. :)

  3. One day, when it comes to Europe I’ll be going, but until then I’m stuck :(

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