Sweet Home Chicago

Published 18 years, 3 weeks past

As Jeffrey said, An Event Apart Chicago was fantastic.  There was a great energy in the room—not only in the speakers, but in the audience as well.  The old talks felt like they had more punch, and the new material was crisp and fresh.  We got a lot of really sharp questions during our talks, and even the between-session chatter crackled with high-level insight and ideas.

There have been some great shots posted in the Flickr group, which includes a few humble efforts from yours truly.  Several of them give an idea of how packed the house was, and still there was a sense of intimacy.  For this, I give a great deal of credit the venue itself; as Jason said, I just want to take it with us wherever we go.

Thanks to all who made the day so great.  With the energy charge of Chicago still humming in my head, I’m looking forward to AEA New York more than ever.

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  1. It was an awesome event!!

    While I was expecting to pick up some good tips on some technical subjects, I wasn’t expecting to get the kind of insight we got from Jeffrey and Jim (Coudal) on business, being happy in this industy, and client interaction. This is the kind of stuff that is going to help me more than just in my day-to-day work and (hopefully) keep me motivated enough to strive for something more fulfilling in my career.

    Thanks so much for being part of an event like this!

    Ray (the Canadian at your lunch table) Dickman :)

  2. Eric, is that blue shirt/gray slacks ensemble your official AEA uniform?

  3. It’s a uniform just like Zeldman’s overshirt. :-)

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