AEA Atlanta Heats Up

Published 18 years, 3 months past

Registration for AEA Atlanta has been open a week now and one-fifth of the seats are already claimed, so you might want to step up the pressure on your boss.  The early bird deadline won’t be here for another three and a half weeks, but seat availability may not last that long.  (As I’ve mentioned before, it didn’t in Philadelphia.)

Even better, the value of any one of those seats just went up.  How so?  We’ve just announced that we’ll have two (count ’em!) guest speakers joining us: Jason Santa Maria, who delivered one of the highest rated presentations in Philadelphia; and Atlanta native Todd Dominey of Dominey Design, Turner Entertainment, and What Do I Know.

What will they talk about?  You’ll have to come to Atlanta to find out.  Personally, I can’t wait.

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  1. “so you might want to step up the pressure on your boss”

    What about offering a chance to win a ticket…for people’s whose bosses are not so generous and for people that don’t have the means to go own their own?

  2. I figured you guys would be pulling Dominey into the mix. Awesome that JSM will be in town as well. I am coming over from Birmingham (2 hour drive) to attend the event and can’t wait.

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