I Took the 2007 Web Design Survey

Published 16 years, 1 month past

Get over there, read the short introduction, and make with the answering!  It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes or so, and your participation is essential.

I TOOK IT! and so should you | The Web Design Survey

Also, please spread the link far and wide—it works best if as many people as possible take it, not just ALA readers.  Posting word in any relevant groups, forums, lists, etc. would be awesome.  Put the word on the street!  Please.  Thanks!

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  1. Tried, but got an error message.

  2. yes, sir…
    since you asked so nicely :)

  3. Works without problem.
    But it’s focussed on the professionals… only 2 or 3 questions for the hobby-evenings-weekends-vacations-web designer.

  4. Keith, it looks like it’s working okay—if you get another error, please let me know what it was so I can investigate. Thanks!

    Prisca—okay, maybe I was a little preemptory. Sorry about that. Thank you very much for taking the survey!

    Mauro—that’s somewhat true, though I think hobbyists can still contribute meaningfully. However, the survey is unquestionably focused on people working as professionals in the field. That’s going to be the case for any professional survey, really. Of course, the survey could be expanded or reworked to include hobbyists in the future, or there might even be a separate survey for hobbyists if the need seems great enough.

  5. Question number 26 seems to be missing the options for 7 or 8 months. I may have missed something, but it seemed to offer 3-6 months and then 9-12 months.

  6. Aye sir! Done…

    Oh and AxsDeny is right, I think. If I remember correctly, 7-8 months was really missing.

  7. Rigthy-oh! Took the survey. I noticed on several questions where it gave you an option for “Other”, it never asked you to specify what “Other” meant… Otherwise, I think it was a fairly good survey, good questions etc. Although I wished it had asked a bit more specifically about challenges in staying current.

    For instance, if I want to attend a conference I usually have to go out of state, which often translates into airfare, conference cost, hotel costs and so on, and I’m limited on what I can get reimbursed for. Also rather unfortunately, a number of the conferences I would like to attend are just priced way out of my affordable range…

    I think An Event Apart has done a good hob in keeping the prices affordable… now if I can just get them to come to Milwaukee that would totally rock… *sighs* WHo knows, they might even be able to take in a Brewers game at Miller Park…

  8. Took the survey and seeded it to the Web Development group over at Newsvine. Good work to the staff at ALA for putting this together – it’s much needed.

  9. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for asking and your encouragement!

    I did take the survey!

    Can I use your “I took and so should you” image on my Web site? It looks great and I think this is an important effort to promote!

    Also, there’s a great discussion going over at A List Apart at Discuss: The Web Design Survey, 2007 with suggestions to improve the survey.


  10. I tried it but I couldn’t get past the second question, because the submit button just kept sending me there again. What gives?

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  12. Well, that was fun, I look forward to seeing the census summary when it’s ready. I wonder if this kind of data can help improve our standards of living some how :)

  13. Took it last night. No problems with anything buggy.

    Mauro – even though web design is mostly a hobby for me, I answered the survey based on doing bits and bobs of design under the guise of disseminating technical information and doing presentations for my regular job.



  14. Rich, absolutely do use the graphic. I got it from the “thank you!” page at the end of the survey, and using it to promote and link to the survey its whole intent. (Also, it was designed by Jason Santa Maria, not me.)

  15. Eric,

    Thanks so much. I’ll upload that gif to my server tonight. I’ve placed it in my sidebar on my Consider This blog.

    I knew I saw the image somewhere, but didn’t grab it before I went on after the thank you page! I’m hoping for one of those trips to An Event Apart! :-)


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  17. Just finished my associates in graphic design and looking to go back. I thought the survey was pretty open to people who may only do design on a part time basis.

    My favorite question was… Have you ever turned a design job? Yep, lack of money…this friend of friend wanted me to design an advertisement for his small business. I told him I base my price around $25 an hour. He replied that he’s only willing to pay for one hour’s work… Ah, no sorry no can do, it’s going to take more than an hour.

  18. Nice survey, i will try to spread the word, the results should be very interesting, so we will have an opportunity to know what kind of people are working all around the web.

  19. I thought the survey was well designed…certainly better than Vitamin’s. But these surveys never have a job category for Software Engineer! I chose Software Developer instead, even thought that’s not exactly what I do these days.

  20. I’m just a hobbyist… working on my own personal site, playing with CSS etc. Should I fill it out? In real life, I’m a network security guy.

  21. I can’t wait to see the results. Handy if there was a little input box to say “e-mail me the results”. Oh well, I’ll have to keep a close eye on everyone’s feeds for a while.

  22. Quality extensive survey, will be interested in seeing the results.
    Great idea to blog about it Eric as i don’t read A List Apart too often, personally don’t always find their articles that relevant or original unlike this site!

    Keep up the brilliant work.

    Tim Marshall

  23. Took the survey, passed it on to friends. Thanks for the heads up.

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