Cake Fake

Published 16 years, 3 months past

As dinner came to a close, Carolyn asked if she could have yogurt for dessert.

“Sure, sweetie,” I said.  “What flavor do you want?”


“Okay, sure.  Go ahead and get a cup from the refrigerator.”

“Banana cake!”  She started giggling.

“Wait, I thought you wanted banana yogurt.  We don’t have any cake.”

“I know,” she said as she walked into the kitchen, “but I want some banana cake.”  Judging from her tone, this was the most painfully obvious fact in the world.

“Um, okay.”

She came back to the table, yogurt cup in hand, and started wrenching back the foil top.  With the way clear, she picked up her London cabbie spoon—a gift we brought back from one of our rare trips away from her—and splunked it in.

“This is banana cake,” she said gleefully.

“Wow, you got banana cake?  Cool.  It’s pretty handy that it comes in a yogurt cup like that!”

She leaned toward me and said, conspiratorially, “I’m just pretending it’s banana cake, but it’s really banana yogurt.”

“Ah, got it.”

“Banana cake!” she chortled once more.

I looked across the table at Kat and said, grimly:  “The cake is a lie.”

Comments (18)

  1. I hope she never grows out of it. My kids still love to pretend, and the eldest is taller than his mother now…

  2. Best. Kid. Story. Ever.

    Best. Portal. Reference. Ever.

    Seriously, it’s not often that a blog post makes me literally laugh out loud, but this one did. Kudos Eric!

  3. Ha ha, that’s cute!

  4. I’m having fake cake too! Only mine was a lousy sandwich. :(

    Pretending (and *really* getting into it) is what makes childhood the best years. I hope she (and you and your wife) get to enjoy it for as long as possible.

  5. I love having moments like this with my son, but no Portal references yet. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Heh. My first is due to arrive in June. I can’t wait until he starts saying stuff like that. Portal is the only video game to ever make me extremely carsick.

  7. Thank you and your daughter for a smile in the morning )
    It’s banana cake time )

  8. Awesome story. You have to love kids that age. And great Portal tie in.

  9. Aw! I might get me a banana cake this afternoon.

  10. hehe! So cute, made me smile :)

  11. HA! Wasn’t expecting the Portal reference at the end. Nice little twist.

    “You will be baked, and then there will be cake.”

  12. That Portal reference just never gets old!

  13. Somehow, I just knew this story was going to end with a portal reference. :)

    Loved it. Reminds me of some of my son’s recent antics.

  14. Hahahahahaha.

    +1 man.

  15. […] said, grimly: “The cake is a lie.”

    No, sir, it sure isn’t. State of mind. The beauty of kids and the things which adults can re-discover and re-learn through them.

  16. Haha :)

  17. I had to clickthrough to see the comments…

    I wanted to be sure I wasn’t the ONLY person sad enough to get the Portal reference!!

    Genius! :wink:

  18. Lying Cake! Reminds me of Laughing Gravy

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