The Apple of Her Eye

Published 18 years, 6 months past

After a lovely Sunday morning breakfast at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, Kat, Carolyn, and I strolled through The Grove to check the sights and pick up a gift card for some friends.  As we neared the center of the main drag, Carolyn suddenly pointed and shrieked delightedly, “Daddy!”

She was pointing directly at the large white logo in the middle of the silver façade of the Apple Store.

I’m thinking that maybe I need to spend a little less time on my PowerBook.

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  1. Classic. :D

  2. :-) Nice story Eric, thanks for sharing.

  3. My sons first pair of words were “Apple Mac”

  4. LOL, I have been there, for a good time the only english words my son knew were ‘daddy’ and ‘Apple’. Hey the brigth side is at least it isn’t Dell ;)

  5. A father can dream, can’t he? (Most. Awesome. Post. Ever.)

  6. isn’t it said “children always tell the truth” ?

  7. Reminds me of this comic by Scott McCloud.

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  9. Reminds me of the winter when Erin was three and John was rewiring our garage. She described her father thus: “Daddy comes home from work and eats dinner and goes into the garage.”

  10. It reminds me a french sport newspaper TV ad, where a child is afraid by his father’s face because he always saw him behind the newspaper.

  11. You wrote “I”m thinking that maybe I need to spend a little less time on my PowerBook.”, perhaps it is Carolyn who needs to spend less time on your PowerBook.

  12. Reminds of the time my daughter (then two-years-old) would walk around the house with a dead electronic game and a pen, pretending it was a Palm Pilot, saying, “My Palm. My Palm”. At the time, I had a Palm Pilot.

  13. My 2 1/2 year-old twin daughters like point to my iBook and say “That’s Daddy’s apple!”

  14. Recently I got a free old iPod mini promotional T-shirt. The front is light blue, with an iPod scroll wheel graphic and nothing else. Both my daughters (5 and 7), on first seeing it, said, “iPod!” and started poking at the buttons to get me to “pause” and “play.” Without any prompting from me.

    And while we have an iPod, it’s a Shuffle, and doesn’t use those exact controls, but they knew anyway.

    What’s more, my adult friends did the same thing, and I had several total strangers say “cool shirt” on the first day I wore it. (Thankfully, they resisted the button-pushing.)

    That is some damn good marketing buzz.

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