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Hey, any interest in spending a few days in a luxury lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains this coming spring with me and Aaron Gustafson, learning about and working with HTML5 and CSS3?  Then you might want to sign up for Retreats 4 Geeks: HTML5 & CSS3 in the very near future, because it was announced late yesterday and as of now there are only six spots still available.  It’ll be a very focused two days of training and a day of hands-on project work with a very small group of people, and it’ll be a ton of fun!

Personally I’m looking forward to this for many reasons, but two stand out:  this sort of very-small-group training and team project work setup is a new thing for me, and it’s the sort of thing I’ve thought about doing on and off for more than a decade but never quite found the time to do.  Aaron, thankfully, did find the time and I’m honored that he asked me to take part.  I hope I’ll see some of you this April in Tennessee!

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  1. I’m super-psyched about this event as well. I’ve always enjoyed working with you and the chance to do so in a more focused way is a dream come true.

  2. Hey, it sounds grand. Unfortunately, I’m an idiot in general and a perfect ignoramous when it comes to coding in particular so my presence would only dilute the value of your event. Nonetheless, have a great time. The Smokies are beautiful.

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