Up, Up and Away

Published 19 years, 8 months past

I bet you didn’t know that Molly and I have super-powers, did you?

The benefits of using CSS on a regular basis are amazing, really.  I’m hoping to develop telekinesis next.

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  1. If you do develop telekenesis, can you get my pen out of the couch? I have great big hands, and can’t reach it – I really like that pen.

  2. HAHA, thats pretty funny. I actually had to go back to episode 2 to see you and Molly.

    Still, must be an honor to have a comic strip made with you in it. Be proud :)

    off topic – Eric, went to Barnes and Noble last night and was disappointed that your 2nd CSS book wasn’t there. Might just have to try Borders or something.

  3. I knew when you two came to AOL that you two were superhuman. Just ask Molly what I think of you two…

  4. Bryan: That’s us flying over everyone in the final pane.

    Eric: I showed Mike this and he got all excited since that time some years ago in New Orleans where we kept giving each other super power personalities – like the infamous “Captain Elsewhere.”


  5. You know, if you’re made into a comic character, you "made it" :D

  6. I *thought* there was *something* going on with you!! (grin)

  7. Molly: Yea, I realized that after posting my comment :) whoops…

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