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Published 17 years, 3 months past

From my comment queue, possibly the first time I feel a spammer is really speaking to me as a person:

Did u ever heard about CSS…? it will help your site.

Do tell, oh random anonymous stranger whose site URL crudely references the genitalia of older females!  I wish to learn.

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  1. I want you to know that this made my day.

    Also, apparently this is becoming a trend (or at least a common fluke). You may have seen that Jason Kottke got spam using text stolen from his site to try and fool spam filters.

  2. I’m sure everybody is sick of all that spam… but lately I get also very nasty spam in very human ways. Spam at my blog is lately very on topic, and people without a filter would just approve it as they think it is just a comment.
    Damn why isn’t it just forbidden by law :( a day cell for every spam message or something like that.

  3. But did u ever heard of CSS? If it’ll help our sites, could you maybe tell us about it?

  4. New! Get CSS-alis and ViagXHTMLra for your site and be 110% bigger than other blogs!

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  6. It’s Las Manitas. If you’re going to plug the best Mexican food in town, spell the name right so people can find it.

    Actually, don’t. Let’s keep it a secret.

  7. I get at least one laugh a day from checking my spam. “Improve your manly bits” prompted the last chuckle.

  8. Be careful what you ask for, for it may come true.

    Let’s not ban spam.

    OK in this case, offering help with respect to either CSS or obtaining information about genitalia may not be entirely appropriate. However without spam, how else is a man able to

    Receive money from unfortunate yet kind African businessmen
    Improve his “dangly bits”
    Meet friendly attractive ladies looking for discreet relationships
    Obtain the cheapest mortgage in town
    Holiday in Bermuda or take delivery of a top drawer laptop, simply for filling in a survey

    It sure beats spending time looking for these things, and life would be so boring without it :0)

  9. My favorite spam to date, “You should really delete the spam from your site.” It must have worked because I felt obligated to leave that post.

  10. after having had some major problems with the evil of spam myself recently – this one here did make me laugh…. :)
    nice little cheer up in the middle of a war on spam… :)

  11. Hi Eric,

    At least you could almost understand the question from your commenter!

    One of mine said:

    tooth toothy tootling

    If anyone can interpret, perhaps I should approve it?!

    And, here’s some of my “best compliments” on a blog that is simply my humble contribution to our Web! I do receive very few comments on my very old and tired design that is begging for an “extreme makeover.”

    Wow , can’t forget this best design.
    Everybody loves your guestbook,so do i.
    Good site you done here,man.
    I want to thank your page,it good!

    Now, can you beat that for help and encouragement?


    Best regards,

  12. I’ve noticed an increase in spam lately. WP-Gatekeeper doesn’t seem to be stopping as much as I thought it would. Even if I change my challenges daily, I still get more than just one or two (Akismet catches them, but then I still need to go through and delete them). It’s annoying, and no one sees it but me… don’t these spammers understand that they’re crap isn’t getting through (so they should just give up)?

  13. “javascript you have to be”

    This just passed my spam filter:

    “Work without, javascript you have to be, careful trigger.
    Making, navigation work without javascript you. [… two full names of css-d members follow …] Without javascript you have to be careful trigger, in. Two different triggers apparently, theres test! […] Usa cssdiscuss wikifaq, supported evoltorg.
    Cssdiscuss, wikifaq supported evoltorg, threadie th […]! Careful trigger in both element, use two.”

    Next, bots will debug code snippets from members of css-d.

  14. Eric: Hello. Have you ever heard of CSS?

    Me: Nope

    Eric: Well, it can do wonders for your website…

    Me: Really?

    Eric: Yes. It will separate the presentation layer from the content layer, which gitz you gurlz.

    Me: OMG!!!

  15. As much as I laughed at post #8, the sad part is a sizeable amount of people fall for that or clearly people wouldn’t go to all the trouble of making the spam in the first place.

    Poor fellows :(

  16. I still do not fully understand the motivation for these seemingly meaningless SPAM messages, both in blog/website comment areas, and of course email. By sending complete gibberish and URLs that don’t even exist, it just seems like a waste of effort.

    Now, if only those pesky SPAMmers could write some code to make the SPAM into iambic pentameter, haiku, or even Shakespearean prose, then I would enjoy reading the crap.

    -he who stacks pork

  17. You should’ve forwarded him to the designer team behind :)

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