The Really Perfect Ringtone

Published 16 years, 2 months past

When I saw a couple of people link to “the perfect iPhone ringtone” last week, I had that sinking feeling that comes from being beaten to the punch.  I knew I should have stayed up an extra hour that one night and just gotten it done!

But wait, hold it, never mind, cancel the panic parade: it was not, in fact, the perfect ringtone.  Crisis averted!  Still, the sinking feeling lingered, reminding me of what could have been, so last night I sat down and got it done.  Now I bring to you the absolutely most perfect ringtone ever.

Feel free to preview it using that link, if you really feel that’s necessary, but frankly you should just charge ahead and download the .m4r AAC for instant ringtoniness.  If for some reason you’d rather have the audio source and do your own ringtone conversions, you can get the same file as a .m4a AAC or a comfy old .mp3.  And for all you completists, there’s a .zip archive of all three formats.

Go.  Ring.  Enjoy.

Comments (35)

  1. I just deleted all other ringtones from my iPhone.

    Hail to the king.

  2. You win.

  3. Awesome.

  4. I didn’t think ringtones could reach this level of perfection. I don’t think this can be topped.

  5. Added bonus, everyone will know that you have Sesame-Street-aged kids. Or were one once.

  6. I hated ringtones until today. You win one internet.

  7. Yep, yeeeep yep yep yep… definitely a great ringtone. Nicely done, sir. Though I’m not sure I can bring myself to replace my Sanford & Son theme song ringtone with this one…

  8. I have to change my pants now. That was too damned funny.

  9. “Perfect” is a word that gets bandied about quite a lot and often without justification.

    But not this time. How I love that.

    Yip yip yip uh huh, indeed.

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  11. And from the magic of the internets:
    Yip-Yips meet the telephone

    Its amazing what get burned into your head – I remember the end of that ringtone/clip with the fading baarrrriinnggg buurrrring from 27 years ago.

  12. Sorry Eric, but I’d have to go with the Imperial March from “Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back” here. Not a clip, but the WHOLE THING.

  13. Blasted me back to much happier times.
    Brought back memories of elementary school when the Muppets hit the airwaves in 1969.

    Thank you.

  14. I love it…definitely the winner! It goes well with my “Mahna-mahna” ringtone I have on mine! You gotta love Sesame Street for both of them!

  15. I played this at home, and not only did my entire family enjoy it, but even our cockatiel perked up and started whistling.

    By the way, does anyone know if that cow ever made it over the moon?

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  17. I think I sprained something when I fell out of my chair.

    Must install on phone now.

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  19. rofl …

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  21. I’ll have to add this to my collection, along with the Fruity Oaty Bar Commercial, and the Top Gun Anthem.

  22. I feel like I’ve been ring-rolled!

  23. It truly is perfect. Now I just need that “spinning bat logo effect” from the old 1966 Batman series for my text messages. :)

  24. This completely made my day.

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  26. This blows away the previous attempt at the “perfect” ringtone. Well done indeed.

  27. I made that same ringtone last year, but the quality on mine sucked. I only had a youtube vid to grab the sound off of. Thank you for this. Thank you very much.

  28. This ringtone is now being heard in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem… ;)

    Yip yip yip!!

  29. cool! I like it! thank you!

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  31. I installed this ringtone two days after you posted it, and it still brings a smile to my face every time my phone rings :)

    Thanks, Eric!

  32. I’m with @Dan Schulz with this one — but I have it set for my wife ONLY!


  33. omg – Sesame Street FTW!! I can’t stop smiling :-D

  34. Man, you are not kidding around about that. I hate ringtones, but THIS is going on my phone. I’ll set for when my mother calls …

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