First Day at Igalia

Published 3 years, 4 months past

Today is my first day as a full-time employee at Igalia, where I’ll be doing a whole lot of things I love to do: document and explain web standards at MDN and other places, participate in standards work at the W3C, take on some webmaster duties, and play a part in planning Igalia’s strategy with respect to advancing the web.  And likely other things!

I’ll be honest, this is a pretty big change for me.  I haven’t worked for anyone other than myself since 2003.  But the last time I did work for someone else, it was for Netscape (slash AOL slash Time Warner) as a Standards Evangelist, a role I very much enjoyed.  In many ways, I’m taking that role back up at Igalia, in a company whose values and structure are much more in line with my own.  I’m really looking forward to finding out what we can do together.

If the name Igalia doesn’t ring any bells, don’t worry: nobody outside the field has heard of them, and most people inside the field haven’t either.  So, remember when CSS Grid came to browsers back in 2017?  Igalia did the implementation that landed in Safari and Chromium.  They’ve done a lot of other things besides that — some of which I’ll be helping to spread the word about — but it’s the thing that web folks will be most likely to recognize.

This being my first day and all, I’m still deep in the setting up of logins and filling out of forms and general orienting of oneself to a new team and set of opportunities to make a positive difference, so there isn’t much more to say besides I’m stoked and planning to say more a little further down the road.  For now, onward!

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  1. Congratulations, Eric! This sounds like an exciting change for you and I wish you all the best!

    Weren’t we just working together a few weeks ago? 2003 seems like yesterday, sometimes!

  2. Congratulations Eric! I am thrilled for you and encouraged to know that you will continue to advance the web, along with all the amazing work you do.
    All the best,
    Nancy Massey

  3. Congratulations, Eric!! I’m so excited for you and wish you well in the Year of the Ox and beyond!!

  4. Incredible news. Best wishes, my friend.

  5. Congratulations!!! You continue to have a positive impact on the world, those you work with, and those who love you. Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you.



  6. Congrats! I always look forward to hearing about your work, Eric. Best of luck.

  7. Congratulations on the new position, and happy to see that one of the greats such as yourself can continue to do what he loves.

  8. Congratulations Eric. Igalia are extremely fortunate to have you in their team. Best of luck in your new role!

  9. Congrats, Eric, on landing this awesome gig, and congrats in advance for the success I know you will have at Igalia!

  10. Hi there, I was just using your tool I found on google when some boredom overcome me and I decided to visit the main domain of the tool, just to see this post from 7 hours ago, it is very cool to see these small glimpses into other people’s lives that are what used to make the internet so interesting before it became a commercial hell-hole, but special places are still out there, like your site, that remind me of those days and bring back that joy.

    I’ve just started my own very first programming job, and am one month in, so from a junior to a senior, I hope you enjoy and flourish in your new role, good luck!

  11. Massive congratulations, Eric! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll get to contribute to. All the best!

  12. Congratulations!
    CSS and the Web need your passion, skills and voice. This sounds like a great fit.
    Onward and upward!

  13. Wonderful news Eric—for you, for Igalia, and for the web! Without your dedication and passion, we would not have the web we have. You were the first person I found to learn from on the web back in the mid-90’s, and have been learning from you ever since.


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