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Published 8 years, 2 months past

I’ve started playing an occasional game with my iPhone, where I type in a word to start a message, and then repeatedly accept whatever autocorrect suggests as the next word.  If I’ve understood the terms correctly, I’m manually accepting iOS’s Markov chain output.

I’m inclined to post the results to a Twitter account, sort of like I did for Excuse of the Day, but I’m stuck on the most prosaic of roadblocks: I’m having trouble thinking of a good name for it.  (Here, ‘autosuggest’ will not help me.)  Anyone have a winning name they’re willing to contribute?  Full credit to the winner in the Twitter bio, not to mention here, plus a percentage of the multi-million-dollar royalties from the inevitable book and movie deals.

Update 10 May 16: thanks to everyone who made (auto)suggestions!  The final winner is @markovmywords, as suggested by Jonathan Schofield (@schofeld).

Comments (28)

  1. twittersuggest, twittercomplete, twitsuggest or twitcomplete

  2. “May We Suggest”

    “Auto Thoughts”

    “Markov Chain Gang”

    “Bless You Autosuggest”

    “Suggestive Behavior”

  3. Clickography!

  4. What about ‘autoaccept’ or ‘selfdetermined’?

  5. Autocorrectism: a play on Automatism

  6. Markov Cocktail

  7. I was also attempting to play off “stream of consciousness”, attempting to add digital or artificial in there somewhere, but couldn’t make anything of it.

  8. Ducking Autocorrect

  9. iAcceptAutocorrect

    Default Makrov

  10. iOhNo

  11. “Did you mean…”

  12. Markov Message


  13. Infinite Monkeys. Based on the saying that infinite monkeys typing with infinite time would write the works of Shakespeare.

  14. What I Meant to Say

  15. Fickle Finger of AutoSuggest

  16. CSS reset my phone is so much fun

  17. “You autocomplete me”

    “Wait, What?”

    “That’s What She Said”

  18. Autonomatopoeia

    Markov Remarks

  19. Souffleur
    (opera house prompter)

  20. Our Autocorrect Said
    (My Autocorrect Said?)

  21. In Other Words

  22. Auto Says

  23. Smartphone Ramblings

  24. You autocomplete me

    What about generating the name by the same process you will post the tweets?

  25. AutoFail

  26. Autosuggestive

    Auto Suggestiva

    Auto Lotto

    (I really enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas.)

  27. I loved everyone’s ideas! Thank you all. The final winner was over on Twitter, and @markovmywords is up and running.

  28. I was going to suggest ‘autocomplete roulette’ but it auto completed to autocorrect room. So those are my suggestions.

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