Published 21 years, 4 days past

The css-discuss archives are back into active and complete form, although the URL changed slightly.  If you’re looking for something in the annals of our little community (1,966 members and counting), go to it.  The archive makes for a handy way to publicly link to list posts… say, if I wanted to point out a post I made about the issues with creating a monthly calendar without using a table. The archive upgrade happened a little while ago, and I’ve been utterly remiss in mentioning it.  I’d like to thank the fine folks at Incutio for their support and services in keeping the archive going and growing.

This is kind of cool: a design generator for CSS columnar layout.  Simon says that it “appears to use Big John’s source ordered columns technique,” which wouldn’t surprise me.  Either way, it’s an interesting tool.

Spring is well underway hereabouts, and the days are once again sunny and beautiful.  Cleveland is an interesting city; through the winter we’re one of the least sunny spots in the country, but during the rest of the year we’re one of the sunniest.  Right now, there’s a flawless blue sky backing up barely-budded trees swaying in the wind, and I wish this spring could last the better part of forever.

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