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Titanium Turnaround

Published 15 years, 7 months ago

While I was in Santa Fe, NM a couple of weeks ago, I dropped my TiBook onto a bed from a height of about three inches.  The result was as immediate as it was unexpected: the hinge on the right side of the laptop snapped completely away from the display panel.  I have no idea how the forces involved could have even shifted the panel, let alone rend hardware joints.  The screen went blank in concert with the snapping sound, which set off an icy explosion in the pit of my stomach.  Fortunately the display was fine.  It had just gone into sleep mode for some reason.

So last week, I got in touch with the IC Help Desk (it’s actually AOLTW’s laptop) and they set things up with AppleCare.  A box was delivered on Thursday, and with a tear in my eye I boxed my silver little baby up on Friday.  A completely repaired TiBook came back to me yesterday.  Even figuring on overnight express shipping, that’s astonishing.  I figured it would take a minimum of four weeks to get there, be fixed, and come back, not four days—and one of them a Sunday, too!  Just when I was feeling grumpy about Apple‘s rapid move to OS X and the mass exodus of developers away from OS 9 (including Mozilla, which is no longer being updated for OS 9), they make me love them all over again.  Well, maybe not love them, exactly, but you know what I mean.

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