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Letter Sweep

Published 13 years, 3 days past

I thought it was unreasonably fun when Tim Bray did his Letter Sweep a while back, so I finally decided to fire up Camino and add my distinctiveness to his own.

  • [A]n Event Apart.  Not surprising, I co-founded it.

  • [B]ruce Lawson’s personal site.  I’ve been there most recently thanks to his “HTML5 gurus on Twitter” post.  I still feel like a little bit of a poser for being listed, but I appreciate the regard.  Bruce is good folks.

  • [C]NN.  I think half the reason I go any more is to see what manner of goofiness they have in their featured boxes.

  • [D]aring Fireball: BBColors.  I went there so I could back up my current color scheme and try out rcarmo’s port of Solarized Light, which I’m using now in modified form (I hated the default selected-text highlight).

  • [E] Democracy in America.  I have fun there, as time permits; there’s a surprisingly strong commenter community that keeps drawing me back.  I truly wish the Clausewitz blog had been a contender here, but it seems to be having a lot of trouble getting started.  I suppose it’s suffering the friction of warblogging.

  • [F]  I like to see who’s favorited and retweeted my stuff for the obvious ego reasons, but more importantly because people who like my CSS and other technical stuff are often people I might like to follow.  Similar interests, and all that.  The very close runner-up in this category is obviously [F]lickr, and it would probably take top billing some days.

  • [G]oogle.  Of course.

  • [H]iderefer.  I hacked WordPress (via a plugin) so links on my Dashboard are routed through Hiderefer.  This avoids giving away the location of my WordPress install to malicious sites that manage to get comments into the approval queue.  In doing this Letter Sweep, I discovered that I need to update the plugin to use Nullrefer instead, so I just did.

  • [I]MDB.  I don’t get to watch a lot of movies these days, nor do I actually think I would do so even if the opportunity arose, but somehow I still love them.

  • [J]oe Wein’s blog.  Specifically, the post “Domain registration scam in China“, which I was reading after getting some suspicious e-mail.  The post confirmed my suspicions.  Thanks, Joe!

  • [K]  The only guess the browser had for K was the post “Unicode, all of it“.

  • [l]ists.css-discuss-org.  Not surprising, I co-founded it.

  • [M]eyerweb.  Not surprising, I administrate it.

  • [N]etflix.  I’ve been working my way through “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to see if it would be appropriate for the young’uns.

  • [O]pera.  Specifically the fantastic “Opera version history“, which I wish every browser vendor emulated in detail.

  • [P]enny ArcadeYo when I hit it I hit L-shift-O to the quote and then dollar…

  • [Q]uora.  Another one-entry guess list, this time for the question “Given our current technology and with the proper training, would it be possible for someone to become Batman?“.  I think that’s one of three times I’ve ever been on Quora, whose popularity I still find a little mystifying.  But then I remember and was a fan of, so who am I to judge what’s interesting?

  • [R]etreats 4 Geeks.  Thanks to which I just recently had a ridiculously good time hanging out with twelve awesome people in the mountains above Gatlinburg, TN.  Runner-up: the fabulous [R]atfist.

  • [S]kynet.  That’s my version of localhost, which means clicking the link will do you no good at all unless you did the same thing.  (Skynet is also the SSID of my home wifi cloud, which makes a bit more sense.)

  • [T]witter.  Of course.

  • [U]S Bank.  My bank.

  • [v]‘s post “CSS Married Porn AND had a Baby! OR Eric Meyer: ‘Dirty Thought-CSS’ Diary!“.  Yeah, I don’t know either.

  • [W]orld Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  Of course.

  • [X] had literally not a single guess.  No, I don’t follow XKCD; I figure the really good ones will get tweeted and copied to hell and gone anyway, so I just rely on the collective to pre-filter for me.  Apparently I haven’t been there recently.  Make of that what you will.

  • [Y]ouTube.  Because where else am I going to find Bert and Ernie singing old-school M.O.P.?

  • [Z]azzle.  Specifically the page for the “CSS IS AWESOME” mug, which I was considering buying because it’s not often you find an unalloyed song of praise to a CSS capability that no other Web technology has yet managed to duplicate.  But then I remembered I don’t really drink mug-based liquids, so I passed.  (And the T-shirts don’t make the content nearly big enough, so I passed again.)

So what’s your browser guess for you?

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