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Published 14 years, 3 months ago

This Saturday, July 17th, I’m going to be participating in a Blog-a-thon.  “What’s that?” you may ask.  It’s like a Walk-a-thon, where a person collects pledges for charity and then participates in a walk or other event.  Well, in this case Gini and Ferrett are conducting a Blog-a-thon, where they’ll be posting a new blog entry every half hour for twenty-four hours.  The proceeds go to charities of their choices.  In Ferrett’s case, it’s the The National Hemophilia Foundation, in honor of his late uncle Tommy.  Gini is raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in honor of her late friend Annie.

This year, Gini’s cause is my cause as well, in honor of my late mother Carol.  If you’d like to support my participation in the event, or indeed simply support breast cancer research on general principles, then please go make a donation to Gini via PayPal.  As I say, all money raised for Blog-a-thon will go to the charities involved; nothing will be held back.

I won’t be going the whole 24 hours—I’m old, I’m terrible at all-nighters, and I have a baby girl to exhaust me.  What I will be doing is showing up early in the afternoon on Saturday with Carolyn and hanging out with the blogging crowd.  They’re planning to set up a web cam, so you’ll be able to see Carolyn furrow her brow at the rest of us.  I’ll also be posting entries as the spirit moves me, not on an every-half-hour basis.  Kat will join us later on in the afternoon.  We may or may not stay until the Blog-a-thon ends at midnight.  That will be determined by how we feel, and how well Carolyn deals with a whole house of hooting, giggling, typing people when she’s trying to sleep. 

Thanks to any and all who can help out.