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S5 vs. BBEdit 8.2.1

Published 13 years, 4 months ago

Just a quick note for any of you who might be both a BBEdit user and an S5 author:  BBEdit 8.2.1, the latest update, will crash if you try to open any valid S5 presentation (I don’t know what happens with invalid files).  Apparently there’s a bug in BBEdit’s XHTML scanner that the S5 file structure triggers.  Version 8.2, which you can get from the Barebones FTP site if you don’t still have it locally, does not have the same bug, and will edit S5 files without any trouble.

The folks at Barebones are aware of the problem and have indicated that a fix will be in the next maintenance release of BBEdit.  For now, if you want to edit S5 files in BBEdit, stick to 8.2.

(And if anyone wants to take a crack at helping out with the problems in S5 1.1rc1, see my earlier post on the subject.  Thanks!)