Posts from Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Gatekeeper 1.5 rc3

Published 13 years, 4 months ago

It’s update day!  I just pushed WP-Gatekeeper 1.5rc3 into the public eye.  The major change in this version is that Gatekeeper no longer prevents trackbacks (or pingbacks) from ever reaching your site.  See, before, it was effectively destroying all those without notice or appeal.  Now it just lets them through, whatever their content.

What this means is that Gatekeeper is, as it always was meant to be, a way to prevent comment-form spambots from succeeding.  Trackbots will now get through unless you take other steps, like disabling trackbacks or running another spam filter or something.  I’d actually like to see WordPress split tracks/pings apart from comments, and let you set their “always moderated” flags separately.  Thus you could set things up so all tracks and pings are moderated, but comment-form comments are not.  That would work great for me.  Maybe not so well for others, though.

Unfortunately, rc3 still has that problem where it doesn’t always automatically add a challenge to your comment forms, though you can still get the challenge by manually adding gatekeeper_pose_challenge to the comment forms in your theme.  My grep-fu (or maybe it’s my PHP-fu; or, hell, both) is weak; I can’t figure out why the routine fails.  Anyway, head on over to the Gatekeeper page if you’re interested, and especially if you can figure out why the auto-challenge routine is failing.  Thanks.

S5 1.1rc2

Published 13 years, 4 months ago

Thanks to a comment from Pritt, the Safari arrow-key bug in S5 1.1rc1 has been, so far as I can tell, fixed.  I’m therefore releasing S5 1.1rc2, which will be the final release candidate unless any major bugs are encountered.

Also new to this revision are some slight modifications to the CSS that drives the system’s presentation.  The changes were all in the vein of changing div.slide to .slide.  Why bother?  Because with these slightly more generic rules, it’s now possible to create your slide show using a XOXO format instead of the OSF-compatible div-based markup.  (And the XOXO version may be OSF-compatible; the only real difference is that you’re using a list instead of a series of divs, but I’m not sure how much OSF cares that each slide be in a div instead of some other element with the appropriate class.)

I’ve included a XOXOized version of the testbed slideshow in the rc2 package, so feel free to check it out, if you’re interested.  Long-delayed thanks to Tantek for helping me work out the few changes that needed to be made to the CSS, and providing me with an example XOXOized S5 file so I could use it as a reference.