Posts from Friday, December 9th, 2005

Exceeding Expectations

Published 12 years, 9 months ago

Jeffrey and Jason have added their thoughts about AEA to the collective consciousness, and you should go check them out if you haven’t already.  We’re getting more formalized feedback now, and I’ve been surprised to see how highly attendees rated the “Fully Em-Based Layout” presentation.

I said before that it needed a good deal of work, and I still believe that.  My suspicion is that the concept was so strongly appealing that it overcame my deficient presentation.  What was so wrong with the presentation, in my eyes?  That I jumped straight into it with no real preamble, piled several related points and ideas on top of each other, and expected the crowd to keep up.  Going by the attendee feedback, most of them did, but that’s not good enough.  With some tuning, it can be a truly kick-ass presentation.

There’s one more thing I’d like to do here, and that’s recognize our small but powerful crew of volunteers.  In alphabetical order:

  • Jon Aldinger, who well and truly rocks on
  • Dan Mall, who despite being a paying attendee still helped us with setup and registration
  • Peter Santa Maria, whose name seems oddly familiar somehow
  • Rob Weychert, vaguely crazy yet generally hoopy frood

Our thanks to you all, gentlemen.  Your efforts made the whole thing go smoothly, and without your contributions we’d have been in a world of hurt.  We should have asked you to stand and be recognized at the event itself, but hopefully this will help make up for it.

I feel like I must be forgetting someone, which is really embarrassing and yet somehow inevitable.  If I did miss anyone, hopefully they’ll let me know so I can update the post to include them.  And then whistle idly while closely studying the opposite wall and act, old-school Soviet style, like their names were always there.