Posts from Saturday, April 22nd, 2006


Published 12 years, 6 months ago

I’ve just done something that seems so common it must have had the term coined and in widespread use, but no: I just Flickrbombed.  Having put up exactly zero photos for months, I got my account turned Pro and dumped a whole bunch of pictures in.  According to Google, only one person has ever used that term online before, so I can’t claim sole credit for it.  I’ll just count it as yet another parallel invention, and see if it catches on more widely.

Anyway, you can check out the general photostream if you’re so inclined, or dig through my two sets: Artistic and Teh Funny.  That’s all I have up there right now, though collectively that’s over 100 photos added all at once (thus the term “Flickrbomb”), and that’s just the ones I made public.

I may toss in more pictures over time, most likely from various and sundry conferences, but that’s an iffy prospect at best.  And while you can feel free to add me as a contact even though the stream may be more of a dry bed, don’t expect a reciprocal link.  I’m already thinking about pruning some of the contacts I’ve already collected, as I just can’t keep up.  Too much content!

Flickr really needs a way to filter your “contacts’ photos” feed to include only those pictures that have comments, or above a certain number of views, or something.  Then again, I wish it showed me photos from friends and family that I can see, not just those that are fully public.  I’m just a walking contradiction.  (Man, I loved that video.)