Posts from Friday, May 4th, 2007

Wacked Out on Goofballs

Published 11 years, 2 months ago

Just so you know, assuming you care, the reset stylesheet is probably going to get a touch-up and possibly its own URL.  I made some edits here and there in the last couple of days, and almost without exception every single one was wrong.  Like, deeply technically wrong.  So I’ve stopped messing with it in hopes of not utterly ruining it.

I’m generally not one to pin my shortcomings on external factors, but in this case, I have to believe that the (over-the-counter) cold medication I’ve been taking has affected me far more than previously suspected.  I’ve been fighting an upper-respiratory soreness and cough for most of the week.  Cold meds don’t usually mess me up too much, but it would seem that taking it over an extended period has a cumulative effect.  The other night, I had a semi-feverish and disturbing dream about being afflicted with semi-feverish and disturbing dreams, and what’s creepier, the fact that I was marginally (but not fully) aware that I was dreaming the whole thing while within the dream within the dream seemed utterly normal at the time.

Also, I’m starting to get surges of light-headedness whenever I turn my head while in motion.  It’s kind of interesting.  Though not necessarily in a good way.  It also makes driving more challenging.  Scared yet?  Shouldn’t I be?

Anyway, the point being that I’m putting my thinking on hold until I get off the goofballs.  That means any further changes to the resets will have to wait, as will a mostly-completed post about form element weirdness.  The way I’m going right now, I’d probably start calling them “from elements” and then that would morph into “frum elements”, and it would make total sense to me that markup elements can be Orthodox.  And then I’d make ill-advised jokes about ways to put browsers into Sabbath mode, or something.

I probably shouldn’t even be writing this post.  If for no other reason than I’m committing a typographical error about once every three words, which ought to be a big red flag.  And it’s not like I keep up a regular blogging schedule anyway.  Still, it seems like the right thing to do.  Probably the best argument against it right now.

Nice weather we’re having, though.