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Non-Quotidian Problems

Published 10 years, 10 months ago

After I published the latest iteration of the reset styles, Paul Chaplin pointed out that my simplification of the quote-suppressing rules actually broke the intended effect in Safari 2, Gecko variants , and so on.  This happened because I assumed support for quotes: none, and it just isn’t there in most browsers.  Apparently, I was testing IN THE FUTURE! that day.

“Well, no problem,” I thought to myself, “I’ll use content: none instead”.  Nope.  Even in browsers that support generated content, support for the content value none appears to have fallen through the cracks.  Using it completely fails to suppress the generation of content, so far as my testing can determine.  Even more amusingly, content: normal prevents the insertion of quotation marks in Camino (and probably other Geckos), but not Safari.

So we’re back to explicitly forcing the assignment of empty content boxes in order to stop the insertion of quote marks: content: '';.  Oh, joy.  Paul had come to the same conclusion, and worked out a nice little fallback set that reminds me of the cursor trick that gets you a hand-pointing icon in both IE and the rest of the world, only his trick is completely valid.  So I’ll be adding that in, along with some thanks to Paul.

For my next magic trick, maybe I’ll base a reset rule on :nth-child() and see what people invent to simulate the intended effect.

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