Posts from Monday, May 3rd, 2004

MEMoC Under Review

Published 14 years, 5 months ago

Andy King, author of the excellent Speed Up Your Site and purveyor of fine content at the new Optimization Week, has posted a very nice review of More Eric Meyer on CSS.  I think this might be the first official review of the book, and if he posts it over at Amazon it will very likely be the first review there as well be one of the first few reviews over there (someone posted the first review some time today!).

According to Andy, Jeffrey Zeldman (who just launched a superfine redesign over at The Daily Report) and I “actually make standards sexy.”  Oh, yes, big boy… mark up my content, you style stud, you…

Okay, I promise never to do that again.

If there are other reviews out there and I’ve missed them, please let me know!

Concerts… On A Steeck

Published 14 years, 5 months ago

This proceeds past cool, tears through ultra-cool, and lands somewhere to the west of übercool:  taking home a recording of a live show on a USB memory stick the same night you heard the show.  And it’s legal!  One wonders how much money the band gets for sales of their show.  If I were a club owner, I’d split my take with the band 50/50, but then that’s just me.

Maybe the recording industry could stop whining about piracy and bootlegging long enough to examine some of these new approaches to helping fans get the music they want, and spend some time thinking about how they could do the same kind of thing.  Nahhh… that would make too much sense.