Posts from Monday, May 10th, 2004

Plugging Into WordPress

Published 14 years, 7 months ago

Although I’m now using WordPress for the “Thoughts From Eric” portion of the site, that doesn’t mean I’m using a default install.  Oh no.  I had to go hacking on the source of the system, even though I knowknew next to nothing about PHP (not that it seems terribly difficult to learn) and bend it to my desires.  No, not those kinds of desires.  The HTML it produced wasn’t suited to my needs, so I changed it.  I didn’t like the limitations of some functions, so I extended them.  I needed a more robust monthly calendar, so I added what I needed.  I thought the administrative interface could provide better visual feedback, so I hacked on it until I could do things like highlight activated plugins in varying shades of green.

Since WordPress now supports plugins, I figured I’d share some of what I’ve created in case anyone out there is interested.  Thus, I now have a WordPress Plugins and Hacks page in the Tools area of meyerweb.  The three plugins currently given there are the three I wrote first, and which work the way I wanted.  Each plugin has a page that documents the parameters it can accept, which is a good way to decide if a given plugin will be of any use to you or not.  I have a few more plugins that are almost, but not quite, ready for public release; hopefully I’ll have them sorted out within the next couple of weeks.

So feel free to check out my WP plugins, and to use ’em if you like ’em.

Blog Bits

Published 14 years, 7 months ago

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the Blogger redesign!  I’ll have to start showing it off in presentations as another great example of standards-oriented design.

The PHP problems I was having in the archives should be all fixed up now.  Sorry about that—I had some HTML that was somehow interfering with the PHP calls, although I’m not entirely sure how.  In the course of conducting training this morning, I also discovered that I’d neglected to add alt attributes for the two RSS-feed buttons.  That’s fixed now too.  Apparently this was my day to find broken bits on the site, but at least they were bits I could fix.

Nick Finck, in citing his inspirations, had this to say about me:

One of the first presentations I ever heard Eric do was “CSS For Anarchists” and it really got me to think about CSS on a whole new level. Since then Eric has been a constant source of inspiration for me when it comes to CSS. As crazy as some of Eric’s ideas may seem, there is really some logical reasoning behind all of it.

Hey, whaddya mean crazy?!?  All my ideas are totally sane and rational.  It’s the rest of the world that’s nuts.  Now excuse me while I go adjust the geometry of my tin foil hat.

The “CSS For Anarchists” presentation was interesting for me too, as I was giving it at the same time President Clinton was giving a speech one floor directly above me.  I still wonder how many background checks were run on me, and whether they turned up anything good.  Because if they did, I’d like to know what.