Posts from Saturday, October 2nd, 2004

Slide Show Beta 2

Published 14 years, 3 weeks ago

Thanks to the help of several contributors, the simple standards-based slide show system I put into public beta status, and which I may well end up calling S5, is almost ready to go final.  At its core, it seems to work consistently in Internet Explorer (both platforms), Firefox 0.9, and Safari 1.2.  I’ve also scripted things so that the system works in Opera 6 and up, basically allowing those browsers to fall back to using Opera Show.  This allows the slide show’s behavior to be consistent with what Opera Show users already expect, which seems like a good thing.

There are two things that don’t work as I’d hoped.  The first is the “click anywhere to advance a slide” feature, which is broken in IE/Win.  It throws a JavaScript error about the target that doesn’t make sense to me.  The second is the show/hide of the menu in IE/Mac, which I just cannot get to work.  If anyone can figure out how to make those work, let us know in the comments; otherwise I’ll just prevent IE from running that code in the final version, which will of course mean a reduced feature set in those browsers.  I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep if that happens, but I’d rather have the system be feature-consistent across browsers if possible.

(Update: if you downloaded the archive between 1421 EDT and 1504EDT, grab it again.  I initially forgot to update it with the new files.  Sorry!  It’s fixed now.)