Posts from Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Track/Ping Testing

Published 13 years, 3 months ago

So a while back, Gatekeeper was discovered to silently kill off trackbacks and pingbacks without any notification, something I’d have realized if I had stepped back for a second to think about my coding.  So anyway, a solution was proposed, and I thought it fixed the problem.  Only it didn’t, possibly due to me being sloppy.  I’m honestly not sure.

So anyway, I think this time I’ve really fixed the problem, but to find out, I need to have people trackback and pingback this post.  That’s all; just hit this post with one or the other—or, heck, both. Feel free to make the link back to your site to your home page, your favorite post, your most recent post, your about page… whatever.  Thanks.

Oh, and if your attempt to *back the post fails, leave a comment to let me know.  If you see more than a few comments saying it didn’t work without a response from me, then don’t worry about adding another unless you have information that would explain why the failures are occurring.  Thanks again!