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Uncollapsing Margins

Published 13 years, 11 months ago

At long last, I’ve published a new article at Complex Spiral: “Uncollapsing Margins“.  In it, I explore how margin collapsing can lead to weird behaviors, why these behaviors arise, and ways to work around it when you want a different result.  If you’ve ever tried to figure out why a heading’s top margin seems to disappear when it’s the first thing in a div, this article will be of interest.

Oh, and if you were having trouble reaching meyerweb in the last 24 hours, we done got Slashdotted.  They posted an article about S5, and the ensuing geek stampede crushed my bandwidth like it was an overripe grape.  An overripe grape run over by a steamroller.  Once the article fell off the Slashdot home page, things got back to normal.

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Published 13 years, 11 months ago
A blurry image of the display panel of another digital camera, which shows that camera is pointed at the display panel of yet another digital camera.