Posts from January 2000

Tuesday, 25 January 2000

Published 24 years, 4 months past

Time marches on, as does progress… Eric has reached yet another milestone in his major project, and hopes to be able to talk about it publicly Real Soon Now.  It isn’t that it’s a secret, exactly, but it is something which he doesn’t want to talk about until it’s completely finished.  Stay tuned.  Kat has managed to survive her intensive courses, and is even now preparing for the rigors of integration…

Thursday, 6 January 2000

Published 24 years, 5 months past

Some of you may have seen the CWRU Y2K parody page during the 33 hours it was the actual university home page; if not, go check it out.  Here’s the amazing part—apparently we executed the parody so skillfully that it was mistaken by some people for an actual Y2K glitch!  Among them:  Wired News and the Washington Post.  For more information, feel free to read the official press release from CWRU.

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