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Sunday, 20 February 2000

Published 24 years, 3 months past

A note from Eric: I’ve rearranged [the home page] a bit in order to make it more legible in Navigator 4.x.  The earlier display problems were, so far as I can tell, due to the fact that Nav4’s rendering engine is as mind-bendingly awful as one could put in an officially released browser and not actually be thrown in jail for it.  Even now, the display in Navigator is less than optimal, but at least you can read all of the text.  My only other option was to use some sort of browser detection script to customize the content, and I’m just not willing to do that.

Saturday, 12 February 2000

Published 24 years, 4 months past

Eric is back from one of his pseudo-yearly trips to California, where he got a lot of things done and had some very interesting meetings with a number of people.  (No, they weren’t venture capitalists.)  Many of these people were very generous with the freebies, so Eric’s closet now has a few more T-shirts (as if he needed them) and his bookshelf is a little bit richer.  He also stopped by Ragged Point again, and the food there is as good as ever.  All hail Roger!

Thursday, 3 February 2000

Published 24 years, 4 months past

Separation stinks.  Then again, so does being sick (sometimes literally).

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