Posts from December 2001

Saturday, 8 December 2001

Published 17 years, 10 months ago

This morning, I discovered (amongst all the other spam I receive) a message in my Inbox promising to “ADD INCHES TO YOUR PENIS!!!”  The very next message offered a way to “LOSE INCHES WHILE YOU SLEEP!!!”  Now I’m all confused.

Wednesday, 5 December 2001

Published 17 years, 10 months ago

New to the site: Eric’s Presentations, which attempts to provide in an organized fashion slides and support files from various talk I give.  Newly added to the repository: my slideshows from Web Design World 2001.  The CSS files used in the “user stylesheet” presentation are still being polished and so aren’t available yet, but the core of every ones of them is in the slideshow.  Enjoy!

One point of some small note: the design for the “Presentations” page uses an h2 and a table, but the h2 is not inside the table.  Yet more visual sleight-of-hand… although I’m not sure it quite qualifies for css/edge, I was strangely proud of it nonetheless.